Merry Christmas! (Embracing Our Awkward Mess.)

The Christmas picture. They are a painful obligation that never goes "right" for us. I just pull out the least awkward looking photo, print 40 and send it off with a sigh.  However I have realized, odd ball photos I never send off are the ones I love best. I have multiple folders labeled Christmas Card Fail 20** full of funny, truthful photographs that I didn't even like until years later. Some of those sessions left me crying in frustration. (Especially when I looked at all the photos I had made of other people's families. Fail definitely defined how I felt.) Now I accept that the mess is lovely in its imperfection and worth more than the staged beauty I had envisioned. I can't look at them without laughing. I am thankful that my "successes" were so mixed, perfection is not nearly as entertaining!

So, from my beautifully imperfect family to you and your wonderfully imperfect loved ones, MERRY CHRISTMAS. May your home and life be filled with joy, peace & hope in the coming year!

With Love,

(What is Blythe doing with her hand?!)